We exist to shift the paradigm of in-office anesthesia.

We thrive on facilitating mutual wins for Patients and Practices.

We benchmark our success by improving:

ACCESS to Timely Care

Cost and Procedure EFFICIENCY

Standard of SAFETY


Our commitment is to champion our core values of INNOVATION, RESPECT, TRUST and placing PATIENT CARE at the top while providing a professional and personable `experience to our many practices



SmileMD was founded by Board Certified Anesthesiologists

With the idea increasing ACCESS to SAFE anesthesia services in any dental or medical office could improve patient outcomes and set in motion a new OPTIMIZATION in the Healthcare System.

Navin Goyal, MD

Specialty:  Ambulatory

Ajay Satyapriya, MD

Specialty:  Cardiac

SmileMD is built through their diverse anesthesia and health care

Experience, expertise, and knowledge to provide the highest level of sedation for patients while shifting the paradigm of our health system through innovation.

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