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To us, it is all about your Smile.


SmileMD was founded to make every trip to the dentist one worth smiling about.

Safe Sedation is our #1 Priority

SmileMD allows your dental professional to focus on what they do best while our anesthesia professionals focus on administering sedation and monitoring your vitals. 

Two is Greater than One...

It's simple why dental practices trust SmileMD with their patients.

2 Simple Questions You Should be Asking

1. Will there be a separate person, an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist, in the room to monitor your vital signs?

Why Ask? Having a dedicated professional administering and montoring sedation is an industry best practice and leads to safer outcomes.

2. Will they use capnography, EKG, and continuous pulse oximetry to monitor you during sedation?


Why ask? These items are used to monitor air movement, heart rate, and oxygen levels and have been adopted industry wide as necessary tools for safe sedation.

We all have dental anxiety of some level, its natural.

Reducing anxiety is important to YOU so SmileMD and your dental professional take great pride in helping you achieve comfort and peace of mind!


Every patient is different

To provide the best results, we carefully examine your health history prior to every procedure.

To ensure your experience is smile worthy, we keep our process to a few simple steps:  

Patient Setup

Getting started with SmileMD is easy.  Just click on the buttons below to complete our Patient Forms and Acknowledge Instructions via our HIPAA Secured Form and Payment Center.  This is required and is just a way for us to understand your health and ensure a safe sedation experience.

Patient Deposit Payment

Now that we understand your health history, we can confirm the scheduling of your procedure with your Dental Office.  First, we need to collect your deposit.  You can click the Payment button below once you have received your initial deposit invoice from your SmileMD Scheduling Coordinator.

Pre-procedure / Post-procedure

A few days prior to your dental procedure, your SmileMD Scheduling Coordinator will contact you via phone to follow-up on any health considerations and instructions on how to prepare for your sedation.  Please review your Preparation Instructions regarding food, beverage and medicine restrictions.  In some cases, the Anesthesia Professional providing sedation may contact you prior to the procedure.  

After your procedure, your SmileMD Scheduling Coordinator will follow-up with you to ensure you are recovering from sedation and getting back to your usually chipper self!

Final Payment

Your Deposit covers up to the first HOUR of Sedation provided.  If your procedure went in surplus of one hour, you will receive your final invoice within 24 Business Hours of your sedation.  Our policy is to collect "Pre-authorization" for this payment when you make your initial deposit, so this final payment usually will be collected automatically. If you have made other arrangements with us and wish to make a payment, please click on the Payment button below to pay via our HIPAA Secured Payment Service.  Invoice is due upon receipt.  

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