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Healthcare system optimization continues with office based surgical procedures

Physicians are doing more than just checkups in their offices these days. Advances in medical technology have made it possible for physicians to perform more advanced and more complex surgical procedures in their offices. Whether it’s dental procedures or endoscopic procedures, every surgical procedure performed in a doctor’s office involves some form of anxiety relief or anesthesia to make the surgery more tolerable. Some office-based procedures might even involve general anesthesia that provides a total loss of consciousness. Sometimes called ambulatory anesthesia, special medications and techniques are used when a patient is expected to go home as soon as possible on the same day of the s

Standards of safety for office based anesthesia

Just as Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) shifted the paradigm of outpatient surgeries with anesthesia in the mid 1990’s, Office Based Anesthesia (OBA) has continued the trend in current practice. Looking for a more cost efficient and convenient way to deliver patient-centric care is something that third party payors, surgeons and patients are all looking to further expand. But, from the anesthesia provider perspective, how does one maintain the safety standards similar to a hospital based setting? Quality of Care: The Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia (SAMBA) has created an Office Based Anesthesia Committee which explores particular issues related to administering anesthesia outside of a h

Timely access to critical dental care a matter of health?

Across the world and especially relevant in the US at this time is the question of Health Care. We as a society are asking ourselves if Health care is a right or a privilege. What type of society do we want to live in? Answering the above question is difficult but what do you do when the question isn’t as straightforward. Oro-systemic issues can cause long-term health issues but are deemed excess and extravagant by many and so are not covered fully or at all. These patients need the work done but are at the mercy of a system which makes it cumbersome to get seen and treated in a timely fashion, many times causing long-term issues for them and their families. In researching the access to c